Ways To Incorporate Greenery Into Your Business Design

Adding greenery to any workspace helps make it a cohesive space for the workspace. Instead of feeling the drudgery of being stuck in an enclosed space, working around real or even artificial greenery can left up the spirits of your employees. In fact it is one of the aspects of biophilic design, which is easy to incorporate. Research continues to show many benefits of being around plants, including less stress and improved focus. In the corporate world where bottom lines matter and productivity is warranted constantly, adding a splash of greens can greatly impact efficacy of employees. Some interesting ways to have more greenery in the workspace: 

  1. Reception/Waiting Area: The reception is area where most consumers have their first interaction with the company. Adding indoor plants to the reception and/or waiting area is a great way to make the time spent livelier. Greenery can make a place more inviting and less drab. Considered a welcoming color, green can really exude warmth.
  2. Employee Desks: Having a small potted plant on each individual employee’s desk is another great way to make your business greener. The plants should be kept, keeping in mind individual tastes and preferences in mind. This will create a very artistic look with variety of plants. Unlike the rigid and uniform look that comes with just putting similar plants at particular places in the office.  
  3. Restrooms: Restrooms can be annoyingly drab. But they don’t have to be. Adding some plants can really make it come alive. Since these areas are often left out when it comes to décor, adding some artificial greenery on the walls or some indoor plants can make it more appealing. Even though restrooms are tucked away in a corner of the business, it is advisable to make it more pleasing, by incorporating a few plants or even green art on the walls.
  4. Wall/Graffiti: Walls in and around the office is an unusual but effective way to make your enterprise incorporate more green. Artificial greenery on walls has a very calming effect and makes the place have a soothing look. On the other hand, Moss Graffiti is a very contemporary way to add real greens on to your office walls. 
  5. Empty Spaces: If you are short on time and budget, an effortless way to revamp your business would be to place them in bare spaces. Plants in and around the office in otherwise empty space can brighten it up. Instead of adding meaningless pieces of furniture, plants can instantly uplift a space and create vibrant energy in and around. 

These are just some ways to incorporate more greenery into your business, if you haven’t done so already. Indoor plants have a positive impact on well being of people around them.  Greenery requires passive attention and thereby doesn’t cause mental fatigue. The process of connecting nature and man within the confines of our modern work spaces has proven benefits. With these ideas and the innumerable benefits, adding greenery to an enterprise can be a very rewarding endeavor. 

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